Mina oil Riutort

MINA OIL Riutort, is located in the Municipality of Guardiola Berguedá (Berguedá) and in the Natural Park Cadi Moixerò.

Black gold. What we know about oil? The answers are found in this mine where, in addition to still see the oil flowing, you can also smell. The visit will allow you to step into a whole galleries, home to bats and salamanders all in a beautiful natural landscape hidden.

With the process of extraction of bituminous marl, obtaining the oil, its uses and conditions, walking through the history of the mine Riutort. This is an example of great heritage value, because mine is the only oil that can be visited in Catalonia and Spain and a few of these features are preserved.

- The appointment day and time to suit visitors want. These visits to the letter.
- Visit recommended with children (family tourism)
- Visit adapted for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs.

More information:

T: 608 222 525

Tel. +34 900 90 15 15